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What Does Bossing Really Mean?

What does it really mean to be a boss?

Well—being a boss extends far beyond owning an entity or managing a group of individuals.

For us, it’s about self empowerment and self building; attaining the goals that you have set, venturing out of your comfort zone, standing on your values and becoming THE BEST version of yourself.

Quick Story Time—

I remember founding Knotty Xpressions with the intentions of developing a brand that encompassed the essence of authentic natural beauty and self expression! In most recent years, I’ve bared witness to quite a bit of backlash towards those who opt to “go natural”, by refraining from the use of chemical straighteners; and especially harsh remarks circulating the idea of hair loc’ing — the formation of dreadlocks in ones hair.

As someone who once said “I’m NEVER going natural, I LOVE my relaxers”, I surprisingly grew fond of my natural hair, and the idea of embracing my authentic beauty, while traveling through my own natural hair journey. I fell in love with the fact that I was fully embracing myself in an extremely unapologetic way! In doing so, I started to rid myself of the toxicity associated with negative societal views. I was bossing up and wanted the world to see this beauty through my lens!

I began by showcasing my vision through hair artistry, but I knew that just wasn't enough; there needed to be more! I wanted to create a way for others to embrace their natural essence, outside of the salon, and what better way than through apparel?

Birthing our apparel line was essential to coincide with the brand for representation.

My very first design was the Growth. Freedom. Love design! If you’ve never seen it before, it’s an image of a bright, vibrant sunflower—symbolic of evolution— paired with 4 powerful words.

The first word, locs/curls, Represents the wearer’s embrace of a once, frowned upon style of hair. Whether it’s sporting short, tight curls; long, flowing waves; or free forming locs, it is the statement that says “This is me and I love who I am, regardless of what anyone else thinks”!

The second word, growth, refers to the change that is experienced when venturing out of your comfort zone. It may be becoming comfortable with your authentic self or even elevating the level of thinking as you strive for change.

The third word, freedom, represents the feeling that is gained from becoming unapologetic, letting go of negative societal views, and embracing new found standards; while developing a new way of life that positively impacts your being!

And the last word, love, encompasses all of these ideologies. It is the ultimate emotion that is felt when you truly begin to accept yourself for who you are!

This design served and continues to serve as my reminder to embrace all that I truly am and a reminder of my commitment to showcase the beautiful essence and value of self expression through hair.

It doesn’t end here, though. There are so many new ventures that I have my heart set on (I'll tell you more about that later). However, reflecting on these two scenarios, in particular, remind me of how important it is to continue to stand on my values and commitment to show up for myself and my brand each and every day; to boss up!

Take a minute to think. What could YOUR year look like if you committed yourself to bossing up?

Would you master that new hobby you’ve started? Would you elevate your business to new heights? Would you finally uncover the love within yourself and prioritize creating a space for self care & wellness?

I want US to boss up this year!

This year is THE year to make a change!

This is OUR year to glow up!

Are you in it with me?

I hope you are, and actually I would love to journey into this TOGETHER!

Remember that first design that I spoke of? I've placed it on a tank that's perfect for inspiration as you venture into bossing through your own journey. Whether you're running errands or working it out in the gym, I want you to use it as a reminder of your commitment to show up for yourself!

Leave a comment below & tell me how you plan to BOSS UP this year!

P.S. Thank you for reading! Save 22% on your Growth. Freedom. Love tank using the promo code BOSS at checkout!

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